FORapp Features & Advantages

Flexible form content builder

icon-checked No coding, Drag & Drop web based interface. Forms in mobile apps are updated wirelessly & immediately
icon-checked All classic form building blocks you need and more! (inputs, choices, min-max, required fields, templates, variables and more)
icon-checked Mediadata inputs right in the app (camera, audio recording, barcode scanner, geotags with address recognition)
icon-checked Logical operators and form branching, depending on the input data
icon-checked Forms customizations depending on tasks for individual user / location / etc.

Flexible tools for field staff coordination

icon-checked Roles & workgroups access management to forms and collected data
icon-checked Manual tasks assignment and bulk tasks import from Excel or external planning / service desk software
icon-checked Tasks can be pinned to specific location (map object or map sector) with location based execution control
icon-checked Tasks can be assigned on individual worker or workgroups for single or multiple quota based execution
icon-checked Crowdsourcing mode is fully supported (tasks are available in the pool based on “first take – first make” logic)
icon-checked Quotas and limits for precise data collection planning
icon-checked Prioritization, filtering, grouping, sorting and black listing for relevant mobile app behavior

Built-in execution control in the mobile apps

icon-checked Background location tracking
icon-checked Execution location control for location based tasks
icon-checked Form validations (required fields, min-max and more)
icon-checked Background audio recording for polls and mystery shopping interviews
icon-checked Mediafiles (photo & audio) are limited to be made only from the app to avoid fraud file attachments (unless mobile media galleries usage is specially allowed)
icon-checked GPS and timestamps are saved for each data input in the form

Advanced mobile apps for field workers

icon-checked Open list of smartphones & tablets supported starting from Android 2.3 & iOS 7.0
icon-checked Reliable full feature offline work in case of no data connection
icon-checked Native applications optimized for fast work and low battery consumption
icon-checked One click data synchronization for fast and wireless content update
icon-checked Inputed mediafiles are optimized for fast upload and data traffic economy
icon-checked App settings can be set up by field workers on their own or forcibly pushed from server
icon-checked MDM systems compatibility for 100% data security and enterprise deployment

Import / export features for efficient data analysis

icon-checked Basic import & export based on MS Excel files: users, forms & tasks bulk creation, reports data export
icon-checked Read only access to back office for external clients and top management
icon-checked Templates based export provides convenient tools for data analytics (charts, pivot tables and all other Excel magic)
icon-checked Media files export in structured ZIPs cooked «on demand»
icon-checked Export in Excel, SPSS, PDF is supported

REST API based integrations

icon-checked Full feature REST API with all back office functions support
icon-checked Back office interfaces customization support to target specific business processes
icon-checked Interactive API documentation with online testing tools

SaaS pricing model

icon-checked No initial investments needed, only Pay-As-You-Go payments
icon-checked Plug & Play approach – no programming skills are needed to set up the system to work
icon-checked BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy support – no necessary investments in mobile devices
icon-checked Hosting, backups, updates, tech support are fully included!

2 years of experience

icon-checked Initial software was used in our own crowdsourcing projects with hundreds of thousands reports collected by tens of thousands users
icon-checked FORapp is in active stage of development with almost weekly updates. Your change requiests are also welcome!
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