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Experienced Mystery Shopper recons with FORapp

When the agency faced the task of auditing retail pharmacy chain by «mystery shopper», it was important not only to collect accurate and trustful data (audio conversations, pharmacy photos, questionnaires), but to arrange checking of collected data. With FORapp the team had full control on collected data with GPS locations and timing and clear verification process with easy tasks reassignment (in case of recheck) to deliver only moderated research results.

Fast, efficient, paperless.

«Features like configuring step-by-step scripts, Excel friendly export and great support team – now with FORapp platform we can guarantee our clients the most trustful and quality data!»
Senior account manager of
large European trade marketing group
«Using FORapp helps our contractors to conduct regular price monitoring, as well as to reduce costs of the projects without compromising the quality and deadlines.»

Leading Market Research Company

A world leader in market research presented in more than 100 countries, has chosen FORapp platform to manage its field staff carrying out price monitoring and census projects in retail chains in Russia.

As a result, the company instantly collects trustful and verified data across Russia from its own staff and subcontractors. Moreover, integration with own IT systems allowed significantly reduce costs of entire cycle.

millionagents crowdsourcing platform

millionagents – online crowdsourcing platform, which was the predecessor of FORapp software. Developing millionagents, we kept simplicity on mobile end and flexibility on back end as key principles and they are now a core of FORapp.

Having conducted dozens of field data collection projects on our own software (at millionagents), we can now confidently offer next generation of this software to the market as FORapp.

«FORapp technology is based on two+ years of experience with millionagents crowdsourcing platform. Tens of thousands of field agents with personal mobile devices collected more then a million reports for our clients. With this experience we refined the technology and allocated its development and sales into a separate business — FORapp.»
Pavel Kalinin
General Manager, millionagents

Retail Chains

«Sparkling wines» LLC

«Sparkling Wines» is old Russian company founded in 1874. The company’s products are widely presented in all major retails chains in more then 370 cities of the country. Planograms and price monitoring is important task where use of technology can reduce costs and improve accuracy. To complete this task the company has chosen a contractor who is accountable and controlled by FORapp.

As a result — daily updated accurate picture of products availability in the stores. It helps management link stock & pricing with sales and better evaluate cooperation efficiency with retail chains and their contracts compliance regarding promotion and logistic.

«With FORapp we got accountability of contractor to ensure our wines are placed best in retail outlets in 350+ cities across Russia. Trustful and timely information helps better understand of sales figures and improve sales and promotion strategy.»
Andrey Stratiev
General Manager «Sparkling wines» LLC
«Retail audit implementation with FORapp helped us control merchandising standards, prevent out of stock situations in realtime and, mostly important – create motivating KPI for the staff.»
Irina Kogut
Amway Russia

Standards compliance control in Amway retail chain

After merchandising standards for 16 Amway shopping centers in Russia were in place the company met the objective to control execution and compliance. We have chosen internal audit approach by our own staff and rating system for shopping centers to add some competition.

With FORapp as audit tool we already see progressive improvements: Amway employees provide get timely audit reports and with precise photo control they have no options but improve products merchandising. Reports are consolidated with automatic KPI & rating calculations to provide clear objective for the teams.

Application Development


Daoffice is the developer of corporate social software. This is a new way of collaboration for modern organizations based on user experience in social networks and consumer internet and mobile.

The company’s key products — Corporate Social Network and Zentra Mobile Intranet. Our company has developed all mobile applications for both services.

«We have worked with FORapp team on our mobile apps project and we’re happy with the results. The team showed professionalism and passion for apps development. They also helped us to avoid a few bottlenecks which we have missed in our Technical Specs. We’re working together for further development of our apps.»
Yuri Fedoseev
CEO, Daoffice.ru
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